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A leading provider of fully managed real-time location systems (RTLS) and advanced wireless technology solutions (RFID) for healthcare organizations nationwide. VIZZIA is focused on leveraging best practices that improve enterprise efficiencies and patient outcomes for leading health systems, hospitals and clinics.

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Hospital administrators are becoming more and more aware of the wide-ranging benefits of real-time location systems (RTLS) in healthcare. RTLS can help reduce equipment-rental costs while decreasing the rate of lost or stolen assets. Tracking patient wait times can help identify logjams in the E.D. while allowing for increased caseloads in the O.R.  VIZZIA’s team of process-improvement and technology experts work with hospitals to select, design and deploy an RTLS solution to help streamline these uses cases and more!

VIZZIA not only provides industry-leading RTLS technology and software; they also offer the advanced analytics and consulting services every hospital needs to realize maximum ROI from an RTLS infrastructure.



Case Study: Piedmont Healthcare – Atlanta, GA

– Changed from disparate, department-owned process to centrally managed equipment cleaning and distribution system
– Improved equipment utilization by more than 20 percent.
– Eliminated two years of capital purchases worth $400,000.
– Reduced fleet through attrition by 21 percent
– Lost/stolen pumps dropped from 5.2 percent to 0 percent
– Reduced rentals — saving $97,000 annually
– Redeployed equipment distribution staff, saving 21 percent

Product & Services Offering

Track the location and manage distribution of your valuable movable medical equipment. VIZZIA uses proprietary process analytics to model, measure and optimize the equipment distribution process.

• Reduce capital expenditures for new equipment purchases

• Eliminate unnecessary equipment rental expenses

• Reduce theft and time/money spent searching for equipment • Track surgical assets with VIZZIA’s Surgical Instrument Management Solution

VIZZIA’s solution enables you to automate monitoring and documentation of storage unit refrigerator and freezer temperatures and streamline reporting with Joint Commission and other regulatory agencies.
• Automates regulatory compliance process
• Eliminates labor intensive manual temperature logging
• Alerts key staffers when temperatures stay out of desired ranges

VIZZIA generates data on patient movement and key interactions in order to optimize ED and OR workflow. By identifying logjams, customers can streamline processes. Easily integrates with surgery scheduling systems.
• Reduce number of patients who leave ED without treatment
• Reduce average patient length of stay and increase case volume
• Decrease diversion hours and OR turnaround time

Dramatically reduce hospital acquired infections with VIZZIA’s automated hand-hygiene compliance solution that tracks and reports.
• Proactively reminds caregivers to “wash in” and “wash out”
• Retrofit design supports multiple dispenser products
• Improve compliance rate to 90+ percent

StrokeStat℠ is an innovative application that optimizes the treatment workflow for acute stroke patients. This solution was developed by VIZZIA with the help of renowned neuroscience doctors, nurses, clinicians, and in consultation with a nationally acclaimed comprehensive stroke center. The application leverages real-time location systems (RTLS) infrastructure to capture the movements of acute stroke patients as they receive treatment for their condition, transforming that data into key information and automated communications that can be used to gain insight into the health of the patient and identifying bottlenecks that delay care.