Clinical Workflow Optimization Begins With Staff Assignment

The Problem

Staff assignment in hospital units can be time-consuming, complex and, if not skillfully executed, can undermine the effectiveness of your clinical staff. Despite the adoption of interoperability standards across the spectrum of healthcare systems, clinical leadership often is required to redundantly schedule staff in many of the systems deployed within their units even though the staff-to-patient/room assignments are generally the same.

The Solution

Critical Alert Nurse Call is now fully integrated with Kronos OptiLink, a leading staff scheduling and workforce management solution for healthcare organizations. Clinical leadership can schedule staff in a single solution and have those assignments automatically distributed to the CommonPath Nurse Call Solution.


The Process


Within Kronos

Charge nurses can match the skillset, workload and role of each staff member to the acuity of the patients within the unit keeping clinical staff focused, engaged and operating efficiently.






Within Critical Alert

The staff assignments are then passed to Critical Alert where the corresponding room and mobile communications device assignments are automatically captured for nurse call.

The Benefits


Easy-to-use solution for staff assignment of clinical resource by role, protocol or policy


Balance workload distribution based on patient acuity & other clinical factors


Paperless workflow & employee self-service


Ability to forecast by volume & shift across your entire organization


On-demand visibility of labor analytics enable managers with evidence-based decision support