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Our focus on clinical productivity, innovative use of technology and patient safety leads to quieter, more efficient units, improved outcomes for patients and better utilization of your nursing resources.

Software-Based Nurse Call

CommonPath is a software-based application operating on virtual servers within your hospital’s network. Shifting the core nurse call functionality to a smaller footprint of centralized servers rather than distributing it across your hospital infrastructure provides the ability to more easily adapt to change, upgrade functionality and better scale your deployments.

Offering a Full API

No matter the workflow, no matter the devices you use, our Applications Programming Interface (API) allows you to track the who/what/where/when of every message, escalation and clinical interaction across the entire clinical workflow.

Device Agnostic

Our device-agnostic approach enables our clients to leverage their current mobile communications devices and allows our solutions to seamlessly integrate into any environment.

Why IT Departments Should Deploy Commonpath

Many legacy Nurse Call solutions are closed-hardware systems that rely heavily on proprietary distributors and third party middleware in order to “fit” into your environment. While they are stable solutions for simple alert notification, their entrenched infrastructure is rooted in out-of-date methodologies that simply do not match dynamics of the modern day healthcare system. However, clinical and IT stakeholders are often reluctant to change their Nurse Call solutions in fear of adding additional complexity to their operations. CommonPath was designed to easily adapt into existing workflows and into any environment. Its user-friendly interface is highly flexible, reliable, and scalable. The solution has also been engineered to be both rapidly deployed and serviceable over time.

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Integrations That Drive Innovation

Integration of ADT, monitoring alarms, and data from medical devices and mobile communications lead to improved care coordination. Integrating Nurse Call with other hospital investments, such as wireless communication devices, ADT, and real time locating systems (RTLS) can translate into more efficient workflows, faster response times, more time devoted to patient care, and more informed responses to patient requests. CommonPath directly connects nurse call requests and third-party alarms from beds, pumps, monitors, and environmental control systems to the industry’s most widely deployed communications devices.

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No Middleware Means Better Data

The largest issue that arises from the deployment of middleware is the continuity of data. For example, when a patient makes a request, the call is not triaged by a unit clerk. Rather, it goes directly to either the nursing assistant or the RN. Not only are 50% of the calls going to the wrong caregiver, but the patient encounter data is lost within the Nurse Call metrics.

Our native alert and device integrations provide a comprehensive view of the entire workflow as your caregivers progress through their routines. Full visibility of the entire workflow within one solution offers significant business intelligence on staff performance, response times, rounding compliance, workflow volumes and location-specific metrics.

Reporting Is King!!!

Mobile Staff Station

Port your staff station functionality to any device including mobile computers, smartphones, tablets, or wall-mounted touchscreens.

The Critical Alert’s Mobile Staff Terminal provides caregivers and other staff with the mobility and flexibility to review requests & messages, complete workflow tasks, cancel alarms, create ad-hoc tasking, track rounding progress or run-through reminders on any device convenient to their location.

Direct-to-Caregiver (DTC) Stinks!!

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