Nurse Call Hardware

High Reliability & Lower TCO

Critical Alert’s Nurse Call hardware devices are designed to be intuitive and easy to use for patients and staff alike. Our thin-client approach to hardware engineering and manufacturing yield highly dependable and easily serviceable (hot-swappable) devices that enable our hospital & healthcare clients to achieve long-term reliability & supportability while sustaining a lower overall total cost of ownership (TCO).

Homerun vs. Daisy-Chained

Homerun configuration provides more reliability! If one room goes down, ONLY one room goes down instead of everything downstream from the failure. Homerun config also allows for LOWER total cost of installation from avoidance of schedule slippage. Because we can configure asynchronously, we do not require contiguous floors to be available to our deployment teams on a given day of install.

Signaling, Call Answer & Workflow Devices

Pillow Speakers

The interactive TV Remote Pillow Speaker has a speaker, buttons for nurse call, TV controls, menu navigation arrows, Pain, Beep, Drink & Toilet, as well as lighting control switches. Available with an eight foot cord plus a one foot breakaway section

Dome Lights

Provides visual signaling of calls, codes, alarms & zones in corridors & other locations. Can be equipped with up to 6 LEDs offering a wide variety of uses. Available in a tamper-proof form factor for Behavioral Health and correctional settings

Call Answer Terminal (CAT)

The CAT allows a unit-based or centralized operator to view rooms within a unit or across the enterprise along with pertinent data (name, room number, etc. from ADT). Users can open a voice call, triage patient requests and notify care team members

Patient Stations, Pull & Control Devices

Direct-to-Caregiver (DTC) Stinks!!

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