Embedded Middleware

Integrating Nurse Call Systems with other hospital investments, such as wireless communication devices, ADT and real time locating systems (RTLS) translates into more efficient workflows, faster response times, more informed response to patient requests and less clinical interruptions.

CAS creates real value for our clients through strategic relationships with leading device, communications, healthcare consulting and installation partners.

Wireless & Smartphone Communications

Critical Alert offers native integration with industry leading wireless clinical communication devices from Cisco®, Spectralink®, Vocera®, Voalte® , PatientSafe® and Mobile Heartbeat Rather than just simply passing messages on to edge devices, our R&D department has worked tirelessly to create two-way workflow acknowledgement without the need for middleware.

Accept/Reject escalation capabilities streamline communications between patients and staff, softens the impact of clinical interruptions and provides a more robust workflow reporting capability. As an alert is received on a two-way capable device, the clinician is presented with the option to accept or reject the workflow assignment. Accepting the workflow will automatically assign responsibility to that individual for resolution. Rejecting the workflow will automatically hand-off the event to the next person or group in the configured escalation path.

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Real Time Location Systems (RTLS)

Native integration with RTLS manufacturers Stanley Healthcare (AeroScout), Centrak®, Ekahua® and Versus® allows caregivers to automatically initiate and close nurse call related workflow events simply by being present in the room. This eliminates the need to manually press buttons on staff stations, allowing nurses to more immediately interact with patients. Because Critical Alert can monitor the credential of the staff member assigned to a particular badge, it can automatically determine whether or not that staff member’s presence should end the workflow (eg. only an RN can fulfill a pain med request).

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Bed Manufacturers

For patients at risk for falls, native integration with Stryker® Smart Beds allows for real-time alerts to be immediately triaged by a unit operator if pre-configured thresholds are exceeded. Shifts in weight or changes in back rest or rail position may indicate that the patient is attempting to leave the bed. The resulting priority alert allows the operator to call into the room, direct the patient to remain in bed and dispatch the appropriate resource to resolve the patient’s needs.

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Additonal Integrations

That make nurse call better




Native integration of communications devices, RTLS, ADT and other applications (rather than relying on middleware) allows for seamless, end-to-end reporting of the entire workflow within a single view. Nurse leadership can access times & types of patient requests, acknowledgment or escalation of alert assignments, escalation paths and resolutions for every patient in every unit across the entire organization. These metrics (and more) are all-inclusive, regardless of devices or applications used throughout the enterprise.

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