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CommonPath Enterprise, a comprehensive clinical communication platform converging nurse call, alarm management, medical device integration and rules-based notification.

Enterprise–Class Nurse Call, Clinical Surveillance & Analytics

CommonPath Enterprise brings scalability and the reliability of cloud-computing to patient communications, nurse call, clinical surveillance and analytics on a single platform. Flexible enough to be deployed across any size healthcare system, CommonPath Enterprise is architected to be centrally configured and managed from a single data center.

Enterprise Reliability

The CommonPath Enterprise platform brings the power and reliability of cloud-computing to patient communications, nurse call and associated analytics. System upgrades, updates, back-ups, redundancy and maintenance can all be managed remotely with minimal downtime and impact on resources.

Enterprise Flexibility

Enterprise configuration enables remote management of messaging rules and protocols, staff assignments, escalation paths and workflows from anywhere. This allows for rapid deployment, scalability and customization of your patient communications strategy across any size enterprise.

Clinical Surveillance

For medical device integration we have partnered with Bernoulli.  The Bernoulli One application provides predictive analytics and aggregate medical device alarms and passes them onto our application where staff assignment, routing, escalation, and reporting are managed.  Unlike other middleware providers, the Bernoulli platform can also collect patient vitals and write them to your EHR much like Capsule. The Bernoulli partnership provides FDA Class II Clearance to Critical Alert offering.

Embedded Middleware & Native Integrations

Integration of ADT, monitoring alarms, and data from medical devices and mobile communications lead to improved care coordination. The CommonPath Enterprise platform has embedded middleware that natively distributes alerts and alarms to mobile devices such as Spectralink, Voalte, Vocera, Mobile Heartbeat, PatientSafe Solutions, etc.  This capability eliminates the need for expensive middleware between nurse call and mobile devices, translating to more efficient workflows, increased responsiveness to patient need, more time devoted to and better informed delivery of care.

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Enterprise Analytics

CommonPath Enterprise’s consolidated, multi-site data analytics allow for comparative reporting across multiple units, hospitals and systems. Clinical and IT leadership can easily manage and analyze individual staff and group performance, standardize workflow, monitor and measure continuous improvement processes and observe system-performance.

Our Aperum Analytics Platform brings real-time analytics to clinical rounding, patient safety/satisfaction, caregiver efficiency and insight into the effectiveness of deployed technologies and methodologies.

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