Comprehensive Reporting

CommonPath's Reporting Suite provides a complete picture of your nursing operations, enabling management to visualize clinical workflow, substantiate rounding compliance and demonstrate accountability while helping to ensure better overall patient care and satisfaction. CommonPath's Reporting Solution empowers administrative and strategic decision making by providing in-depth visibility into clinical work patterns, staff efficiency and utilization of resources at the individual, unit, facility and organizational level.

dashboard copyDashboards

CommonPath’s reporting solution features a dashboard view providing real-time and historic views of system functionality and staffing performance metrics. Our dashboard widgets allow users to select and view detailed metrics based on facility, unit or organizational levels.

Access Real Data In Real Time To:

  • Simplify processes
  • Impact HCAHPS scores
  • Track/trace sentinel event timelines
  • Measure caregiver to patient time-ratios
  • Demonstrate accountability in clinical and non/clinical staff
  • Identify training issues
  • Enhance workflow/nurse presence
  • Track requests by type and response times

Call Response Performance (HCAHPS)

Demonstrates the number of calls that are answered within a configurable compliance parameter – Shows all calls answered within or out of the specified time frame

Workflow Performance by Unit (HCAHPS)

Provides compliance detail associated with completion of a patient requests - Compare multiple facilities within an organization or units within a facility

Rounding Performance by Unit (HCAHPS)

Displays compliance data for rounding based on follow-up presence activity - Allows administrators to view how well staff are rounding by organization, facility or unit

Reporting Suite

  • Standard Reports

    CommonPath's Standard Reporting Solution offers a full suite of report types:

    • Call Reports
    • Request Reports
    • Operator Reports
    • Forensic Reports
    • Messaging Reports
    • Performance Reports
    • Workflow Reports
    • General Reports

Presence Activity

Granular level views of all caregiver presence activity by date / day of week / call type / average by hour

Rounding Compliance

Allows your organization to track rounding activity & performance & the effect it has on patient requests

Forensic Details

Forensic-level detail concerning calls & events that occur at a location (patient / room / who entered room / how long was the visit / etc.)

Eliminating the need for 3rd-party middleware removes silos in data, allowing you to generate reports for your entire workflow through a single platform.

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