Turnkey Solutions for Private Paging Systems

When your organization has a need for paging in a smaller, tightly-defined area, CAS can develop a private paging system for applications such as campus paging. For simpler applications like restaurant guest paging or in-house paging, we can provide an affordable packaged solution that is customized to fit your needs.

Wide-Area Paging

To this day, nothing beats paging for critical messaging. It’s simply the best way to deliver a critical message — anywhere, every time, immediately. (View video, “Why Nothing Beats Paging for Critical Messaging”) Hundreds of hospitals, first responders, and other organizations have come to rely on Critical Alert Systems for their critical messaging needs. Our paging systems enable us to deliver your critical messages consistently and immediately, and our CAS integrated communications solutions provide the kind of rich messaging that enhances productivity and improves care delivery.

Plus, as a CAS customer, you benefit from responsive, friendly customer service that shows our respect for your responsibilities as a care provider, as well as our sincere appreciation for your business. So, if you have paging or other critical messaging needs, give us a call to see how we can help you find a solution.

Internet Paging Terminal (IPT)

This hardware-based solution allows you to accept email and other web-based messages for redistribution through your organization’s traditional paging system. Therefore, once a web-based message reaches the IPT, you know it will be delivered reliably and immediately. You can even add an optional, built-in encoder for sending alphanumeric pages.

By utilizing a simple rack-mounted server that accepts internet messages from most protocols, the IPT then determines the correct protocol to redistribute the message to your paging terminal for immediate delivery.

In-House Paging Systems

In-House Paging Systems are designed to send messages from various sources, such as phone, email, web interfaces, and stand-alone QuickPage keyboards to pagers in and around your facility. The PageRouter not only gets the messages there immediately, but logs them for analysis and back-up.

Best of all, because the messages are sent through a true paging network — as opposed to text messages and the like using the internet or a cellular network, which are both prone to delays — you know the messages will be delivered immediately, every time.

CAS provides our clients with free configuration designs and evaluations. We also offer installation and training, and guarantee 100% performance.

Campus-Wide Paging

Whether you are a college or business looking to ensure immediate delivery of messages anywhere on your campus, or a hospital looking to address a lag in receipt of Code Blue message, CAS can develop a customized system that meets your needs. Our systems can be configured to match the specifications of your campus’ specific layout and topography.

The PageRouter system that CAS uses for campus applications allows pages to be sent from phones using voice prompts, or from operators or dispatchers covering switchboards. It also allows you to send secure text messages or email messages to pagers using the ultra-fast, ultra-reliable paging network. Most other systems utilize the internet or cellular networks, which are prone to bogging down, causing long delays in message delivery during local emergency situations.

By using the paging network, those carrying pagers will receive a critical message within seconds, whether the message was sent to a single device or thousands. And all messages will be logged for analysis and back-up.

Guest Paging

Whether it’s to confidentially let a family know their friend or loved one is out of surgery or to notify restaurant patrons that their table is ready, guest paging has become a popular service in today’s world. It relieves congestion in waiting rooms and waiting areas, and gives your customers the freedom to move about in your facility and the surrounding area until they are alerted of a status change. This allows your staff to focus on the business at hand, rather than wasting time trying to find a patient’s family or a patron. Sometimes called coaster pagers for their round shape and construction, low cost guest pagers vibrate and/or flash when the alert is sent. They’re rechargeable, easy to use, and ready to go upon receipt.