Improving Staff Productivity & Patient Satisfaction in the Short Term Acute Hospital Setting

Bed Size: 38 (Short Term)
Deployment Timeframe: 5 Months
Integrations: RTLS

Deployment Highlights


LincolnHealth has utilized Critical Alert’s nurse call system reliably for over 7 years to improve operational efficiency and patient satisfaction.


Flexible design, staff tracking and detailed reporting enabling streamlined clinical workflow analysis and refinements.


Successful upgrade to the latest version of CommonPath Nurse Call System.

“Critical Alert’s nurse call helps us reduce response times and increase efficiency by matching specific patient requests with the most appropriate caregiver based on location, availability, and type of care required. Its detailed reporting provides me with objective data points to analyze key performance areas, which I can then utilize to configure and refine our workflow processes.”

Jill Simmons

In-Patient Nurse Supervisor, LincolnHealth Miles Campus

“During the five years I’ve been here, the system has performed very reliably and requires minimal ongoing maintenance or support. The staff location tracking feature is especially useful. It allows us to efficiently route patient requests to the nearest caregiver, and automatically cancels the request once the caregiver enters the room. This saves time all the way around and gives us a very accurate report of staff performance.”

Roger Richards IV

Telecom Analyst, LincolnHealth