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Aperum Patient Data Analytics Platform - by Sphere3

Providing meaningful patient perception and behavior data in real-time to enable informed decision making and process improvement

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Aperum™, which means to reveal, translates patient generated data from nurse call light, patient beds, cardiac monitoring, and sensor/ location technologies into information to empower hospitals to better manage care in real time. It provides insights into caregiver workload management, patient satisfaction and patient safety indicators.

Hospitals can leverage patient-generated data from Critical Alert’s nurse call platform to identify where resources and attention are needed to meet patient satisfaction and safety goals.

Product & Services Offering

A flexible data warehouse that removes the barriers vendors place on data. As more systems are developed for improving patient outcomes and operational efficiencies, it’s increasingly critical for these systems to communicate with each other. With Aperum, you can normalize nurse call, real-time locating systems (RTLS), cardiac monitor, and other alarm or alert platform data into a useable format to create customized analytics. Leverage our real-time tools to gain insights into caregiver workload, response time, and safety alarms.

Aperum Rounds helps you prioritize your patient experience rounds. It uniquely integrates patient behavioral data captured from the call light into the rounds so you know which patients to give priority and where your team’s time can make the most difference. This multi-dimensional understanding empowers your patient experience team to improve patient satisfaction and positively impact HCAHPS scores.

Whether you are changing to a new technology environment or enhancing your current clinical communications platform, integrating the needs of the clinical team into your technology decisions is crucial. Our team partners with yours to translate the needs of the care team into technology projects. This may be prior to purchase decision, during a project, engaging in Go-Live, or Continuous Improvement. We are here to serve you and ensure that the Voice of the Care Team is integrated into the technology design.